Do you remember Maslow?

We can certainly now assert that at least a reasonable, theoretical and empirical case has been made for the presence within the human being of a tendency toward, or need for growing in a direction that can be summarized in general as self-actualization, or psychological health, i.e. he has within him a pressure toward unity of personality, toward spontaneous expressiveness, toward full individuality and identity, toward seeing the truth rather than being blind, toward being creative, toward being good and a lot else. That is the human being is so constructed that he presses toward fuller and fuller being and this means pressing toward what most people would call good values, toward serenity, kindness, courage, honesty, love…” (Abraham Maslow Toward a Psychology of Being  p.40)

We talked about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, from food clothing and shelter all the way to self-actualization.  And we watched the video (from RSA) on humans being “wired” for empathy.  We are pretty interesting creatures.

And speaking of creatures, we also watch a video entitled “The Human Animal – Beyond Survival” in which we learn that although we are very much like other mammals, we are also distinctly different.  If we can locate this video online, we will post a link but so far, no luck.  Here is some info about it… but the videos may not load.  Don’t despair, we will watch it one way or the other.

Desmond also teaches us much about body language and that knowledge could be very valuable in our industry.  You can read more about these ideas here… on the Discover Education site.

“Real freedom is a consequence of development; it is the consequence of latent guides, aided by education. It is the construction of the personality, reached by effort and one’s own experiences; it is the long road which every child must take to reach maturity”.  (Maria MontessoriTo Educate for Human Potential)  

Rendering of human brain.

Rendering of human brain. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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