Jason In Long Beach

Jason says, “The company we (Jason and his partner, James) work for manufactures custom costumes for competitive color guards and dance teams–WOW, that is a tongue twister! We deal mostly with High Schools and have clients all over the country, as well as in England and Japan.”

“During the Fall season (or first semester of the school year) High School and College Marching bands compete in field show competitions, for which we design and produce the costumes the color guard and sometimes dance teams wear. It’s basically one halftime show after another, and can be a lot of fun to watch!
During Winter season, the color guards compete in indoor team competitions, for which we also design costumes. We are generally kept busy all year, and in the last four years, the company has become one of the top 4 design companies that do what we do. I’m very proud that I am able to create something new every day, and work hard to make sure our clients’ vision is brought to life–Though it can be very difficult being asked to use the creative part of my brain on command, six days a week.”



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5 responses to “Jason In Long Beach

  1. This is so beautiful!:D I was in Color Guard and Winter Guard the four years at my high school. It’s crazy how I never thought of designing Color Guard uniforms!:)
    You have beautiful pieces.

  2. Anonymous

    :O I love this!!!

  3. Jason

    Thanks so much for sharing my work on your blog–it’s an honor to be featured!

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