Beginning fabrications . . .

English: Sunday textile market on the sidewalk...

This is the perfect time to begin to research fabric options.  In the past, we used to subscribe to a number of fabric clubs to see and touch swatches of various textiles appropriate for apparel.  We may add a few back into our budget.  However, searching the web for fabrications is the better place to start.

Here are three cool reasons.

1. Prices at your fingertips. It is great to have information on pricing. Even if the fabric’s pricing is retail or off-price, you can still calculate a rough wholesale price based on the information you gather.  And the more info you get [written down or copy/paste, with everything relevant including how to get back to that web page!] the more accurately you will be able to calculate your rough estimate.

2. Some web sites have masses of general information  –  you can use such sites for textile dictionaries; fabric/color combining ideas; current trends; washing/dry cleaning instruction; technological innovations, end use suggestions, and more.

3. And the third cool thing about fabric surfing is that images can be captured, printed, manipulated, used for color palettes and much, much more if the project is not going to be sold or traded. Never use images belonging to others to avoid risk of violation of copyright rules.

Only your committment determines how much fabric knowledge you can gain by surfing for your yardage before you let your fingers, much less your feet, do the walking.

Check the LinksList for Textiles or other related topics.

Vogue Fabrics Store or Fashion Fabrics Club are both a decent place to start but do some of your own surfing and if you find a great fabric resource, post a comment with the link.


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