Pad Stitching Your Way into the Hearts of 5261 People

Location of Queens on New York City.

Here is what Gertie from Queens has to say for herself, “I’m a sewing enthusiast in Queens, New York, with a love of all things retro. This site is all about tutorials, tips, inspiration, and lots of spirited discussion about sewing as it relates to fashion history, pop culture, body image, and gender. Look for my first sewing book to come out Fall 2012 from STC Craft/Melanie Falick Books!”

Check her out online at where 5262 people share her passion for design.  PS … that number changed from 5261 while this post was being written.

Her Pad Stitching the Lapel video on YouTube is great and her Setting in a Tailored Sleeve is not to be missed.

And ask yourself… where is my online presence as of today.  Where will it be tomorrow, in 100 days from now, one year from now… and ten years from now?


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