Are you on target?

Per capita apparel exports to US.

Per capita apparel exports to US. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apparel product development has so many pieces of paper. Each tech pack demands much of you: POMs; measurements (body, pattern, and garment); jumps (relative and incremental); grade rules (for us relative only); flats and scaled flats; creation of your own spec sheets; shrinkage information; tolerances; costing; cut order planning; and more.  Are you on target?

Some links that will aid you follow:

Garmento – Stitch and Seam Guide to the ASTM Standard D-6193

Threading Your Way Through the Labeling Requirements under the Textile and Wool ACTS

What is a tech pack? from F-I

Patternworks pattern services price list.

Stylefile post and Starting a New Project in Stylefile, and five more YouTube demo videos.

PLM in Excel

And last, but not least, the EPCC Fashion Technology program’s syllabus for Apparel Product Development.


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