Who is Sew-Cool Separates?

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Becky says of herself, “My name is Becky Colvin.  My specialties are jeans & tee shirts, followed by hand-knit sweaters (with both cable & fair isle designs) and knitting patterns.

The dolls I create for include several dolls designed by Robert Tonner including Tyler Wentworth, Matt O’Neill, and Ellowyne Wilde.  I also enjoy designing for Helen Kish’s little Riley, Bitty Bethany, and 14″ Chrysalis dolls, as well as Heidi Plusczok’s Candy.  A recent addition to my doll fleet are the Little Darling dolls by Dianna Effner.
I am a teacher by training, but my doll business and my hard-working nurse husband have made it possible for me to be a mom & artisan right now.  My son Jeremy is 8 and in second grade this year.  Though I enjoy my business, being Mom is my first job description. “

Do read the History page  to see how Becky started her business Sew-Cool Separates . Then surf on through the offerings.  Remember, however, as much as you may like what you see, you cannot wear any of it.  Unless you join Alice.


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