Fashion Votaries

There is a publishing house that reproduces old and out of print books. has a search bar so you can search any topic.  When we entered Fashion, we were linked to this list where the books are sold on Amazon.  Here is a short list of examples.

Fashion And Its Votaries V1 (1848) by Mrs. Maberly

The Sketch Book Of Fashion V1: The Second Marriage, My Place In The Country, The Pavilion (1833) by Catherine Grace Frances Gore

The Temple Of Fashion: A Poem, In Five Parts (1781) by Samuel Johnson

The Ladies’ Cabinet Of Fashion,

Samuel Johnson leaving Lord Chesterfield's

Image via Wikipedia

Music, And Romance V8 (1840) by Margaret De Courcy and Beatrice De Courcy

These next books have a “look inside” feature.  You can read several pages of these books.

The Bath Road: History, Fashion, And Frivolity On An Old Highway (1899) by Charles George Harper

Anne Seymour Damer: A Woman Of Art And Fashion, 1748-1828 (1908) by Percy Noble

A History Of English Dress Or Fashions Past And Present by Francis Edwards was one of our favorites.


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