This is going to get Ugly!

Sometimes a post comes along that relates to nearly every aspect of what we do in the industry.  This may be that post.  Let’s see.

How do you design, market and sell ugly?  We look through the eyes of fashion history to realize that aesthetics rule.  If we find something ugly to be beautiful….BINGO….it is beautiful.

Icebat: 12" Uglydoll, 7" Little Ugly...

Image via Wikipedia

 Through the eyes of design and production, Ugly Dolls are simple to design and sew, easily made to be durable, washable, and huggable.  Through the eyes of costing, materials management, and sustainability, ugly dolls made with random components (parts and pieces) allowed their makers to utilize the textiles down to the smallest parts.  Industry loves efficiency.

Gift Shop Mag shows a display of Ugly dolls - notice how they are fenced in and all facing the customer "since it is their faces that attract customers the most".

Through the eyes of marketing and retailing, Ugly Dolls appeal to their own target audience.  Some people just love them.  Not everyone… but enough somebodies to make it worthwhile and profitable to keep sewing ugly, ugly dolls.

UglyDoll shirt Rasta Love



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2 responses to “This is going to get Ugly!

  1. Anonymous

    LOVE….This is going to get Ugly!

  2. DAVID

    Is this one of those randomized AI created articles for spam purposes or did an actual person write this?
    – David Horvath, co-creator of Uglydoll

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