Recycling Energy While You Sleep

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When we mention that textiles and textile science is an amazing field that continues to expand the boundaries of creativity, we realize that most people do not keep up with textile innovations.  If you would like to stay better informed on this remarkable topic, remember to visit Textile World.

On our latest trip to Textile World we learned about textiles in sleep products that help your body to regenerate while it sleeps.

Ironman® home textile products marketed by T3 Recovery Products™ and manufactured by Novo Textiles Co. feature Hologenix’s Celliant® regenerative healing technology.”

You can read the short article,  Recycling Energy While You Sleep, by Janet Bealer Rodie, Managing Editor of Textile World.  Here are a few extraordinary quotes to whet your appetite.

Hologenix has conducted a number of clinical trials to establish the science behind it beyond a reasonable doubt, said Seth Casden, the company’s CEO.”   “The body gives off light, emitting about 100 watts of energy at any given time. Minerals embedded in a fiber or yarn can capture that energy and reflect it back to the body. We’ve proven that Celliant can increase blood flow and oxygen levels in muscle tissue, which helps with recovery, performance and overall health.”


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