To theme or not to theme…

Does a collection theme build store buyer and customer loyalty?

If you answer yes, find a way to theme these various concepts for our boys line: Science Fiction, the Arctic, Cartoons, and ……..  (you come up with the fourth group.)

If your answer is no and you are not developing a theme for your collection of the season, be certain the various groups still “hang well” together.  This helps the store buyer to visualize how your line will display on the selling floor.  It helps the customer by making it more clear how the individual pieces of the various groups may be coordinated to enhance wardrobe choices.

If you are serving the dress or evening dress classification, you do not have the problem of making jackets work with skirts and tops.  However, you still have to consider the look of the selling floor to determine if your collection will have the cohesive feel that both store buyers and the ultimate customer prefer.

Let us look at Fitriani to see how groups are differentiated and themes are developed even in dresses.  At the time of this post, Fitriani is showing four groups.  This company actually names each dress.  The group that is inspired by flowers contains dress names such as Petal, Bloom, Infinity Rose, Fleur de Lotus, White Crocus, and Rosa.  The company says of White Crocus, “A sculptural piece with embroidered tassels and a fitted raglan sleeve, all in a fresh double-faced organza.”

Fitriani White Lotus, 2011

In another group, one dress is named Solange.  That led us to look at Solange to see if “her style” influenced the dress or the group.

Fitriani's Solange

Read Fritiani’s information page to learn more about the company and to see why they are able to offer garments with this level of “make”.

Fitriani's Solange closeup

We could take off discussing the pleating for fit and interest on this dress, but we need to keep focused on the topic, Theme.

So, let’s get back to the theme of the day.  Make these fit.  Sci Fi

Alex Schomburg sci fi cover 1955

The Arctic – inspired by the blog, Arctic Dream.  The author of the blog describes, “Our Family’s One-Year Adventure Living on an Arctic Island”.  Click the link and find inspirations for this group.

Rødøyløva – Rødøy Lion
Let’s put this into a color palette generator and see what becomes of these lovely colors.  They could be perfect for our Spring boys line.
And perhaps, Marcus, who just celebrated his 6th birthday while living in the Artic, can be our “poster boy muse”.  Design the line around his needs.  (Aside:  Happy Birthday, Marcus!!)
We will deal with the cartoons later.  Remember, you are going to add a fourth group.  Keep thinking of our overall theme – how can we connect these disparate concepts?

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