Edgar replies to Eddie on the Balenciaga cut…

Hi Trish,

Edgar Mendoza mentioned you in a comment.

Edgar wrote: “I don’t mean to butt in… I know you asked Trish Winstead, but from what I can see, it looks like it has darts that are somehow creating the sleeve as well as creating room for the bust, as well as a dart coming from the collar, the waist looks like a double ended tuck darts. The side seam looks like it was removed and replaced with a curved side panel. I think they did all of those darts so that they could do each side of the dress out of one solid piece while keeping the dart excess to a minimum… I also noticed the back has a yoked shoulder. Wow, I also just noticed that the seam going down the center front isn’t an actual seam, it’s a dart to add fullness to the skirt of the dress! Did that help you out any Eddie Martinez? Would you agree with me Trish?”

Trish’s reply will be added later.  But the short story is YES, Trish agrees.  She just quickly adds that all dart excess will be removed and seam allowances added.

We need pictures from Eddie to follow.

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