To knit or not to knit…

Julia Hopson of Knit Wits, Penzance, Cornwall ...

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Or should that read…. To knit or knot to knit?

But on a more serious note:  knits are here to stay.  Knits have been with humankind from the beginning.  We all love them.  Knits lend both comfort and style to our fashion choices.

On an even more serious note: knits require specialized knowledge and skills on our part.  Get educated.  Be prepared.

Knitting Industry’s website sports the slogan, “Keeping you in the loop!”  Isn’t that fabulous.  We love a sense of humour in the quest for knowledge and profitability.

Knitting Industry About says, “Welcome to Knitting Industry, the leading free access online news and technical resource for the global knitting industry, written and published by knitting industry professionals. [The creator} founded the site in 2008 after having spent more than thirty years in textile manufacturing, sales and marketing of knitting machinery, knitted textiles research and development and textiles journalism.”

Knitting Industry brings you news under the following news categories:  Design & Trends, Industry Talk, Fibres & Yarns, Flat Knitting, Circular Knitting, Hosiery & Seamless, Warp Knitting & Crochet, Dyeing & Finishing, Technical Textiles, Innovation, Education & Training and Exhibition News.”

The website is amazing and full of helpful information and links.  We love the Comprehensive searchable guide to machinery and equipment with full technical specification for every entry.”  Knitting Industry is a professional site and a great source of information.

If you are looking for sources of knits, look in the LinksList under TEXTILES.  Nick of Time looks like a great place to get started.

You may want to make one final stop at Cotton USA Sourcing Program.  Their site says, “The purpose of the COTTON USA Sourcing Program is to facilitate business relationships and information between the U.S. cotton textile industry and garment manufacturing companies throughout the Western Hemisphere. Through our offices in San Jose, Costa Rica, Bogotá, Colombia, and in Washington, D.C., the COTTON USA Sourcing Program is the most comprehensive information source for increased business in the Western Hemisphere cotton textile and apparel supply chain.”

The knitting industry, as always, offers so much.

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