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“Aloha Rag’s owner Tatsugo Yoda debuted his house label for the Pre-Fall 2010 season after proving he has a discerning eye for fashion through his experience as a buyer over the past 25 years. The inaugural collection designed and produced by Yoda is inspired by his travels to fashion cities throughout the world-including New York, France, Italy and Japan-while integrating his own style and artistry. The classic yet edgy and modern collection is a take on nostalgic Americana basics as well as reinterpretations of military wear that is timeless and can be easily incorporated into any style. The finished pieces depict Yoda’s ideal silhouette and his meticulous attention to detail is evident in each piece, from his choice of fabric, to zippers and buttons, even down to the color of the thread. The Aloha Rag Collection will continue to evolve along with Yoda and Aloha Rag to provide quality classics to customers worldwide.”

Yoda has an interesting business model.  As a buyer, Yoda still offers the designs of many other famous and well-know designers at the Aloha Rag website.  After nearly twenty years of running Aloha Rag (the store) Yoda launched his own line.  Thus, Aloha Rag is both the name of the store, the website and the design label.

Spec flat of Aloha Rag denim men’s pant
On the Aloha Rag site, you can not only study a short history of the more than 50 designers represented on the site, but you can also see their design offerings, sort the site by apparel category, and see Mr. Yoda Suggests.  But perhaps one of the best observing you can do on the site is to check the garment measurements for each item…. very useful.

We are strong believers in learning from the doers.  Those who have spent over twenty-five years successfully discerning the wants and needs of customers gets our vote for a “learning leader”.  Go to the site, look at the collections included, do some number crunching… tops to bottoms, dresses to separates, price ranges on categories.

For any of our readers who are not inclined to click the tiny About Us at the very bottom of the home page, “Aloha Rag opened in 1991 as a small boutique located on Oahu—an island in the middle of the Pacific—within the Hawaiian islands. Aloha Rag’s flagship boutique on Kapiolani Boulevard opened its doors in 1997 after moving from its original 400 square foot location in Waikiki. The new location focused on hard to obtain luxury brands as well as young, up and coming designers with a unique vision. As Aloha Rag grew, so did its list of avant-garde designers which today include the likes of Balmain, Lanvin, Balenciaga, Martin Margiela, Thomas Wylde, and Alexander Wang.”

“The opening of Aloha Rag’s New York location in 2008 marked the company’s first move to the continental United States. With a street level space in a new high-end residential building, Aloha Rag is set to spread the “Aloha” to new clients on the Eastcoast with a selection of hand-picked designer brands from Japan, the UK and other international markets.”

“And do they have a blog?” you ask…. what do you think?  Aloha Rag Blog


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