Summer breeze makes you feel fine…

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For all of our distant and summering students, we miss you.  Keep up the great work and you will see your efforts reap rewards.

If you were to employ any ten of the fifty ideas in this list of 50 Marketing Ideas, you will greatly expand awareness of your product and brand.  The title does mention Retail, but remember, we are all retailers in the end.  No matter how distant on the supply chain, the final customer belongs to all of us.

Also in this era of connectivity, we all need a presence in the social and business community.  Make a plan to institute five of the 50 Marketing Ideas by the end of the summer.  Pick from the list as you determine how much can be accomplished in the little time you have this summer… or is that simmer… versus the full rolling boil of a regular semester filled with many courses, jobs, family, and life itself.

You who have graduated, make sure you dedicate enough time to your future plans.  We know how hard it is to juggle a full-time job.  We each have one!  Make the time to live the plan.  Walk the walk… and ps…. wear something you designed!

Aloha and see you soon.


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One response to “Summer breeze makes you feel fine…

  1. Zayra

    Wow! those are really good ideas! I actually have some of them on my list of what I need to do for my future business, but this list gave me some new ones! Thank you Trish!
    Hasta Luego!

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