Transformational Reconstruction

Now that you have some time on your hands, you may want to watch these great draping and sewing videos by Shingo Sato.  There are 31 individual videos.  Each of them is wonderful.  You do not need to speak the language to learn from these videos.

This video gives you an overview of the types of designs Shingo Sato will drape in the subsequent videos.

If you are in love with this type of draping, you may want to invest in Shingo Sato’s new book, Transformational Reconstruction.  This link to The Center for Pattern Design will lead you to many wonderful things, including this book.

TRANSFORMATIONAL RECONSTRUCTION By Shingo Sato.  Shingo Sato, a couture designer who designs for private clients and teaches in both Milan and Tokyo, specializes in a design technique called TR.  Progressing in complexity, this book portrays the steps to develop these advanced designs.


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4 responses to “Transformational Reconstruction

  1. where can i buy this book in the uk?

  2. I can’t even handle this! My mind is blown! I need to buy this! I’m also going to buy the 3 pattern magic books!

  3. Zayra

    WOW! this video got me mesmerized!!!I love it!!! I’ll definitely be doing this during summer!!! Thank you Trish!!!

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