We have been talking about trade shows . . .

alien incubator

Image by jurvetson via Flickr

The fashion students in this particular “go round” have some deep entrepreneurial dreams.  And we all know about dreams — they work when you work.  So let’s roll up our sleeves and make it so.

There are great places to learn.  Check out the LinksList in the right hand column of Fashionnation1on1.  Look under various categories that make sense for an entrepreneur with your dreams.  Spend hours and days reading while at the same time developing your product and target market knowledge and “know-how”.  (Two different things!)

Always go to Fashion-Incubator.  While there read both the current postings and search the site for specific information as needed and desired.  This week (in 2011), Kathleen posted about regional trade shows and their pros and cons.

We can see you spending a great deal of time determining the best market (mart, rep, trade show) for your product.  It will cost you much more money to choose the wrong market place than it will cost you to choose the right one.  So determine that it will cost something to make your choice.  Then spend that money wisely and “let ‘er fly.”

We could make a very long post trying to familiarize each of you with all the possible markets available to you.  Use Kathleen’s posts to get you started if you are new to the idea.

Established your target then hit the market.

Check out the links here and in the LinksList.

Worshop Paris by the Workshop Fashion Agency has run their marketplace for fifteen years.  There are two sites to study about this group.  The company profile says, “for over 15 years, Workshop Paris has promoted and supported a brand and its underlying concept… nurturing rarity and cultivating all that’s exceptional are the key to growing a brand.”  Scroll to the bottom of the above link and see photos of this small exclusive market in process.  Enjoy.

Checking out the Workshop newsletter, we realized there is a Workshop Tokyo now.  The newsletter also informed us about a Pop Up Photo Studio.  This was exciting.  We used to love teaching about pop ups and then with the downturn in the economy and the giant corporations bending to copy the artists and entrepreneurs, pop ups lost their glow.  This great concept of a pop up photo studio is fabulous.  We need to pass this idea on to our photographer friends.  This could be very useful.  Scroll all the way down the newsletter when you arrive at the link.

Vittorio Matteo Corcos – Dreams – 1896

 So get those dreams going and make sure you have the right target before you start aiming.


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