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Image via Wikipedia is growing in front of our eyes.  We have watched it grow from less than 200,000 blogs to nearly 500,000.  It is always interesting to observe dynamic growth.  It is even better to be an effectively strong part of it.

WordPress offers so much to the blogger and the reader of blogs.  Check out some of the wonderful sites available.  Here at 1on1, we focus on the fashion industry so feel free to enjoy our abundance of links to WordPress and www sites of use and interest for the fashion professional.  Remember to search in general for items of interest to you.  Also remember to link some favorite WordPress sites on your own WordPress blog.

Today on Freshly Pressed we found The Runway Hippie.  Sonia has wonderful info and more importantly loads of links on her blog.  Today (02-16-11), Sonia is blogging about fashion week.  You can always find her link in our LinkaLicious LinksList category:  Zzzless.

Notice the URL at Sonia’s site.  Sonia has her blog through WordPress but with her own URL.  Look into this for your blog if having your own URL will impact your business.  It could be money well spent.  DO note that having your blog linked through will still bring more notice than each visitor needing to know your exact URL.  Best of both words, say we.

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