Elementary, my dear Watson!


Don't call me Watson. That's not my name.
Image by charliecurve via Flickr

“Watson, the IBM supercomputer designed to play Jeopardy!, made his television debut yesterday, and while the game may not be over, it was a very auspicious start. Watson is currently tied with one of Jeopardy’s most successful champions, Brad Rutter, and is currently leading the most famous contestant ever, Ken Jennings.”

You can read much more on this topic and the future impact of such an intelligent computer.  Here is a link to a post about Watson on the “No Pun Intended” blog.  One reader commented, “It took teams of people years of tweaking, and logic processing, but eventually they came up with Watson; the world’s first “Thinking” computer. And even though he doesn’t “think” per-se, he is the closest thing that we have to it in existence as of yet, and roboticists across the globe are looking to adapt (and shrink), his logic processors, and their base for thinking, to implement it’s basic platform into humanoid robots of the future!”



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3 responses to “Elementary, my dear Watson!

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  2. Awesome video Armando. I was somewhat unsure how the other contestants would fare against a “thinking” computer. Thanks for posting it.

  3. Armando

    Here is a video url to see this computer in action.

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