Google launches Doodle competition, celebrates Paul Cezanne’s birthday.

Google launched its fourth annual “Doodle 4 Google” art competition for K-12 students Wednesday.

Students in the U.S. can submit a drawing of Google’s logo with the theme “What I’d like to do someday.” The top entry will be displayed on Google’s homepage.

On this 172nd birthday of Paul Cezanne, visit Expo-Cezanne and enjoy his work and his knowledge.  The site quotes Cezanne, “May I repeat what I told you here: treat nature by means of the cylinder, the sphere, the cone, everything brought into proper perspective so that each side of an object or a plane is directed towards a central point. Lines parallel to the horizon give breadth… lines perpendicular to this horizon give depth. But nature for us men is more depth than surface, whence the need to introduce into our light vibrations, represented by the reds and yellows, a sufficient amount of blueness to give the feel of air.”
Paul Cézanne to Emile Bernard, 15 april 1904


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One response to “Google launches Doodle competition, celebrates Paul Cezanne’s birthday.

  1. Good luck to all you K-12’s. Things are moving in a good direction, abstract and non-representional are defiantly on the way out. Call it representational, realistic or impressionistic, it’s painting what you see that shows what an artist can do.

    The idea of red-yellow-blue being the primary colors is being successfully shown as “old theory”. Transparent primaries yellow, magenta and cyan have taken there place. Black is now made with true transparent primaries so colors don’t have that dead pall as when black pigment is used to darken shadows. Complement/opposite colors are mixed together now to make shadows instead and this matches the colors seen in nature.

    Here’s a hint, don’t copy from photos, it’s easily spotted by the people that really appreciate fine art.

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