I’m dreaming of a bright Christmas…

A Christmas market in Clifton Mill, Ohio, Unit...

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JY Design Workshop posts that Honeysuckle is the Pantone color of the year, 2011.  That hot pink color made a strong appearance this past Christmas (2010).  Cobalt blue was right there to support it.  The trees and houses were especially beautiful this year with all that wonderful color.  We even saw lighted lawn deer in cobalt blue.  We had to drive home that way (out of our usual route) every day.  It was magical.

Window displays create a wonderful Christmas scene in city after city.  Those bright lights that keep us from the dark of winter.  The lights that promise and often fulfill.

The Window Display Blog is always wonderful and inspirational.  This past Christmas you could already see the honeysuckle promise of spring.  And who better to tempt you into her world than Barbie.  Have you noticed a string of Barbie window displays?  We guess it had to do with her 50th.


Photo of Selfridges courtesy of Window Display Blog


The Window Display Blog also showed its Honeysuckle leanings with this image for the window at H&M, Oxford St, London.  The blogs tells that the faces were drawn on the mannequins for this launch of Lanvin for H&M. 

TopShop, Oxford street Christmas, 2010

Photo from the Window Display BlogLanvin for H

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