There is always time for duct tape.

Check out the many duct tape dress form videos to be found on YouTube.  This 2 minute video by aprilandmimi will get you started.



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3 responses to “There is always time for duct tape.

  1. I agree with emonki that aprilandmimi was wearing a tightly fitted, knit garment under the duct tape. (Obviously one you are willing to dedicate to your form.)

    For men, I assume we would use the nipple as the demarcation point of the “prince” line, LOL. I am not sure what demarcation point to use for the back, perhaps the mid-shoulder to start but I will have to look into some menswear books to know how to mark the waistline “prince”.

    The side seam could be marked from the bottom-middle of the arm pit and completed on the exact vertical.

  2. This looks like a fun project. In response to cafetisa’s question, I’m pretty sure she was wearing an old dress (more than likely form fitting and quite possibly a knit). I wonder if the same could be done with a guy… and what we could do to get princess and side seam.

  3. What a great idea! What was underneath the duct tape so that it didn’t stick to the skin?

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