Merry Christmas

Christmas has so many meanings and emotions attached.  We hope your Christmas memories and feelings are joyful.  Make it so!

Can you imagine Christmas through the ages.  Christmas has not always been a time of such celebration.  It was often just a quiet religious day.

Look at these pictures of modern-day Bamberg, which looks much like it did in days medieval.  Bamberg was first mentioned in 902 A.D. and the cathedral there was built between 1004 and 1237.  The city also boasted a Benedictine abbey.

Imagine the day as you load your baskets with food to trade at the Christmas market.  Maybe you are the keeper of rabbits and the rabbits you raise will become Christmas day fare for the dinners of the early middle classes.  Or perhaps you trade in textiles.  At any rate, enjoy the pictures and use your imagination to dream of days long gone.

The clothing of the shoppers may have looked quite different in your day at the market but otherwise the scene is much like you remember it from “your day”.  To shop…per chance to dream.

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