Drafting the pant

Please read this post to the end, there is an assignment listed there.

Today you are going to draft the pant in one-quarter scale.  If your drafts are excellent (which means perfect) we will consider digitizing them into the CAD system and plotting them out for you in full-scale, so do your best to perfect your draft.

You are going to do three things today:  1. Write about the crotch extension on pants.  2. Prepare the mathematics of the pant draft (if you came to class with this already completed, please show it to the laboratory assistant.) 3. Draft the pant.

One:  (ten minutes at most) Without opening your textbook, take a blank sheet of paper, put your name on top, and write what you understand about the crotch extension as it changes for trousers, slacks, and jeans.  If you do not know anything about the crotch extension, turn in a blank paper with your name on the top.

Two:  To start the draft, open your textbook to the pant draft and, using your measurement chart and the drafting directions, do all the mathematics for your draft.  As you did for your skirt, create a list of each measurement (i.e. A-B = answer) and remember to do each step, such as adding body ease, dividing other measurements, etc.

Three:  After completing and DOUBLE CHECKING your measurement list, begin your draft on the one-quarter inch graph paper.  REMEMBER, since we are using this paper, each full inch of measurement will be represented by one grid on the graph paper.  (Recall how we did the quarter-scale sleeve draft.)

Also, do your best to mark partial inches accurately on your graph paper.  Perhaps the table below will help you visualize it.

1 inch One grid
½ inch One half grid by eye or 1/8” on ruler
¼ inch One quarter grid by eye or 1/16” on ruler
1/8 inch One eighth of grid by eye or 1/32” on ruler
3/8 inch Less than one half grid, use ruler at 3/32

Complete your pant draft by the end of the class period and leave it, your crotch extension page, and your measurement math page with the laboratory assistant.

On Wednesday, we will look at measuring the human form.  We will also discuss the pant draft.  If time permits we may be able to catch some part of the video on sizing commercial patterns for personal fit.

Assignment:  study the bodice draft front and back for this Wednesday so you can ask questions about anything that may be confusing.  Perform all measurement math BY next Monday before class since we will draft the bodice front in full-scale.  If we move fast enough, we will start the bodice back.

See you soon!


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