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Whereas we are strong believers in the great value of a well written syllabus…  And whereas fashion students need to consult their course syllabi constantly throughout the semester…  and whereas we know that incoming students could be aided by reading the course syllabus before they decide which courses to take and in what order:  here are links to all of the fashion syllabi.

All 2010 Fashion Technology syllabi can be found at EPCC.edu by clicking on Online Services and choosing Course Syllabi from the drop down window.  Next click F (for fashion) and you will see Fashion Technology as one of the options.  Click that link to find a list for all course syllabi and then choose course by course.

Ahhh, that was not too hard but we are not yet done.  Those clicks lead to the syllabus Part II of the syllabus where you find the course description and the many objectives to be covered and learned (we like to call them competencies since that is what you are developing.)

To access Part I for each course syllabus, you have to go to another place on epcc.edu. web page, choose Catalog / Schedules, then choose Search Course & Faculty Information and follow the steps to select a “Term” (which means Fall or Spring in our world), then a course (all fashion courses start with FSH so that will get you in the vicinity) and then an instructor (there will only be one for each fashion course) and you will be able to scroll down and see the hyperlinks to the Syllabus, Part I which contains the name and ISBN for the textbook, what work you must do in the course, as well as the entire semester calendar.

Have faith and keep clicking even if the pop-up windows tell you that the file is unreadable and a few other confusing messages.  Trust us, the file will open just fine… so click away to find the syllabus.

One small grrrrrrrrrr…. you cannot yet see the syllabi Part I for Spring 2012 because we have not yet uploaded them… so sorry, but they will be there no later than mid-January.

For those readers who are not attending fashion classes with us at this time, you might consider self-educating using the syllabus as a guide.  We hope you can be with us one day but in the meantime you can begin or continue your fashion self-education.


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