Are you an illustrator?

If you do any illustration by hand with various media, this post entitled, So you have questions about Copic Markers… is for you.  Carolyn Peeler is a designer and instructor for the scrapbooking audience.  Her post is focusing on a type of marker and she gives great tips on how to use them.  You can also visit her blog, Cut ‘N Paste, to read other posts.

Carolyn says, “I have had a few emails asking that I share my Copic tips with you. So, here are a few basics for using Copics, along with my favorite color combos.”  She then goes on in great detail about how to choose and use the markers.  The main point being made about the markers is that they are perfect for blending and shading.

Carolyn also gives a link to the store where she buys her Copic markers.  The store is Emma’s Paperie and you can search the site for the markers page.  The markers run nearly $5.00 each so you only want to invest in them if you are a prolific illustrator.

You can also find the markers at Dick Blick.  Here is a page on the Dick Blick site that shows you how you can choose the markers.  But search the site also to see the various types of Copic markers before you make any selections.


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