Did you get to vote for the vampire fabrics at Spoonflower?

Remember to keep your eyes on the competitions so you can join in one of these days.  We just voted for the vampire fabrics and some of them are hilarious.  For example, this one by gomakeme made us laugh so hard our teeth almost fell out.
B Positive with Good Dental Hygiene  

We also voted for this hilarious print of Sock Monkey Vampires by hollishammonds.  This fabric is not yet for sale but it was still able to compete in the competition.  Voting ends 10/14/10 if you would like to dash over and vote.


But we also need to “toot our own horn”… one of our first EPCC Fashion Technology graduates, Magda Bowen, has opened her Spoonflower shop and her fabrics are so much fun.  They did not meet the criteria for the vampire contest, but how perfect are they for the Halloween or por Dia de los Muertos!!


Magda also did this textile, called funnybonze.  We just love it and hope to be able to purchase some really soon!!!  Maybe you can put your ideas on Spoonflower.


Oh, and check out Magda’s shoes at zazzle.com – she has a number of pairs of shoes available.  Some are inspired by Dia de los Muertos.  Some are inspired by Loteria Cards.  And this example is inspired by and titled, “Frida and Friends”. 


Frida and Friends by Madga Bowen

Frida and Friends detail

Dash over to zazzle.com and be the first in the fashion lab to sport a pair of these fine art shoes by a master illustrator.   While you are there, sign up and start designing and selling.  What a great opportunity to see your work in production!  Can you imagine wearing your own shoe designs?

Skulls and Hats by Magda Bowen

Skulls and Hats detail



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  1. These shoes would be a hit for “Dia de los Muertos”. This is a really big tradition amongst the older Hispanic folks, however seeing these skull shoes, the young folk can join in. Really nice!

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