Décolleté or Décolletage

Adjectives and nouns… each with their own ambition.  Let’s get these two words in their rightful positions.  But first, let’s enjoy the concept.   

From the FIT museum, we present George Barbier – Le Grand décolletage from Le Bonheur du Jour ou Les Graces à la Mode, Paris, 1924.  And the museum tells us, “George Barbier (1882-1932) is considered one of the finest illustrators in the Art Deco genre. With a distinctive elegance and simplicity, he captured the mood and atmosphere of his time. Barbier was successful in a multitude of visual disciplines, including fashion illustration and advertising graphics, as well as poster, textile and wallpaper design. Influences on his work included the Orientalism and bright coloring of Léon Bakst’s costumes for Schéhérazade, Aubrey Beardsley’s Japanese-inspired serpentine line, Chinese lacquers, classical imagery from Greek vase painting, and 18th-century painting and decorative art.”  

WikiMedia Commons has so many fabulous images under the term Décolleté In Art.  Remember, the images at this site are available for your use.  There are currently 118 images within this concept, so click the link and see for yourself.  

Now to the definitions – from Wikionary:   

Adjective décolleté m. (comparative more décolleté, superlative most décolleté; feminine décolletée) 

  1. Having a low neckline that reveals the cleavage.
La Goulue arriving at the Moulin Rouge

Noun décolletage (plural décolletages) 

  1. A low neckline on a woman’s dress, especially one that reveals or emphasizes her cleavage.

Etymology French from décolleter, to bare the neck and shoulders Related Articles 


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