Use online videos to learn more.

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There are many online sites that offer videos to learn just about anything.  Often the videos are free.  Some sites offer paid subscriptions.   

Fashionnation1on1 tips about video learning.   1.  Try it you may like it.  

 2.  Start with a search engine and your desired topic.  

 3.  Search Threadbanger.  

 4.  Search YouTube.

  5. Search Threads.

 6.  Discern which videos are worth watching.  

 7.  Be willing to pay for a video subscription if necessary.  

 8.  Remember that your time is valuable – watch only the best.  

eSewingWorkshop shares some of their online videos as free samples.  Other videos can only be seen with a subscription, however, the subscription price is more than fair.  A one month, full access subscription is $15.  A one year subscription is $99.  

In one year you could learn all the sewing techniques offered so you would not need to subscribe year after year.  Also, you could subscribe two or three times a year for one month and pay less than $50 for the service.  

eSewingWorkshop is noted because of the carefully made video demonstrations.  The up-close angles make it very easy to see every detail.  You can watch some of the free samples to determine if their teaching style is for you.  (you can ignore the harp – it only sounds for few seconds)  …and (Nehzat introduces each video but just for a minute or two.)  

The site even offers embroidery and knitting videos.  (Again, this could sound like a joke — Student 1, “What did you do on Saturday night?”  — Student 2, “My friends and I just hung out and watched people knit.”  — Student 1, “Cool!”) But in fact, it is cool to learn to knit.  

eSewingWorkshop tells us, “This website is the offspring of
The Sewing Workshop school located in Toronto and enables subscribers to train from anywhere at any time.”

“Nehzat [Houshan] has 50+ years sewing and 15 years teaching experience and is the instructor and creator of eSewingWorkshop. She grew up in a family that has been working in the fields of art and fashion; giving her a flaming passion to create throughout her life.”

There are so many online video offerings.  Sites such as gaspr, the Instructional Video Network, offer so much you may just learn to play the piano while you are at it!  

In fact, gaspr has over 70 videos on knitting.  Think of all the Saturday nights you could fill.  

All online training does not have to be in video format.  eHow offers nearly 8,000 sewing related projects with a searchable data base.  Many projects have written steps and many are videos.  

One example of great, free video tutorials at eHow is this set of 25 short videos on installing an invisible zipper.

One example of a great, free written tutorial at eHow is How to Make Your Own Wool Cloche Hat.  

So, go use those search engines to find your training videos or check the LinksList under How To, Sewing, or Video Podcasts to find more training ideas.


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