And then there was one.

Jean-Paul Gaultier

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Reposted from Fashionologie:        

Jean Paul Gaultier Does Avatar-cum-Mexican Fiesta for Spring 2010 Couture

With Christian Lacroix off the couture schedule, Jean Paul Gaultier is the only French designer left creating couture for a major house.       

Braids melded into mohawks, couture cowboy boots, sombreros, palm frond clutches, gauchos . . . as Gaultier explained it (click link and read this January 27th, 2010 – fabulous article):  “I saw the Avatar and, like everyone, found it extraordinary. And from there I began thinking of nature and ecology, and the Latin American tropics; and from there it was not very far to Mexico.”         

And to finish out the show, Mexican-raised Paris-based actress Arielle Dombasle serenaded the audience before joining Gaultier in his bow.        

NOTE:   photo from Fashionologie and for 86 more photos of the show visit the link to the article.        

Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2010


Also Diary Of A Mad Fashionista offers a critique of the Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2010 couture collection.        


Let’s end with a salute to the Mexican Bicentenary with this inspired design by Gaultier, dreaming of Mexico.      



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