Color your world.

“O! Beware, my lord, of jealousy; it is the greeneyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on.” — Othello says, “And while many sources are content to let Shakespeare take credit for inventing the idea of a person turning green with envy, a Greek poet beat him to the punch more than 2,000 years earlier. Sappho wrote of a forlorn lover being green in one of her works dating back to the seventh century B.C.E.”

But you do not need to be jealous of those with more color knowledge than you. Just go surfing to learn.

Sensational Color is a fun and fabulous place to start.  Kate Smith says she started her “career in product development and marketing, where I was able to work my way into the executive ranks of several Fortune 500 companies, learning to predict color trends and capitalize on using color effectively.”

How great to be able to learn from Kate!  She has so much to offer on her site.  She has jam-packed it with great color information.

In the fashion area, Kate posts on the color of opal saying, “The indigenous Aboriginal people of Australia have a beautiful legend about how this mystical gem came to their land. The creator came down to Earth on a rainbow. This voyage was to bring the message of peace on earth to all humans. The very spot where his foot first touched down suddenly became alive, and the earth was glowing with all the colors of the rainbow.”

Under the Meanings tab you can find: Color Meaning, Symbolism and Psychology, Colorful Phrases and Their Meaning, Color Around the World, and Origins of Color Words.

Under the Theory tab, you can find a most basic explanation of the color wheel in Color Relationships: Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Hues.  Each visit, click on a new tab and work your way through this site and the others linked.

Take your time and visit these links often until you truly understand how to use color in your world.  There is such a feast of photos and information on the internet about color.

The Blog tab takes you to more information by other professionals.  In one post, Kate Smith gives a quick link to the Pantone color portfolio Fall 2010 forecast.  You can explore this pdf for more information.

The blog will take you off in many directions, all colorful.

On August 6, 2010 Michèle Coppin posted, “I recently saw the fabulous Yves Saint Laurent retrospective at the Petit Palais which [ended] August 29th. The show cover[ed] forty years of the designer’s creations and ends with the most gorgeous ball gowns in an apogee of color – a combination of elegance and purity of line in candy colored hues.”

For future reference, here are more links that need to be explored and enjoyed.  Also, remember to drop into and play with color.  All the “materials” are there for creating colorful or neutral fashion color stories.

Each link here represents only one page of each website.  They link to the basic color theory page of these sites.  Know that each site offers an amazing array of various color offerings.  As time permits, study them all.  You may think that this could get redundant but each site truly takes a different slant on the way they show the basic theory and it all becomes a wonderful conglomeration of knowledge about color.

Remember, in fashion the first element that attracts the customer is color.

Color competency seems like a great skill to possess.

Color Wheel ProSee Color Theory in Action

Color Wheel Pro – Visual vs. Mixing Color Wheel

Color Wheel Pro – Classic Color Schemes

Color Wheel Pro – Glossary

Color Matters – Color Theory

Tiger Color – Basic Color Schemes

Over the years, visit these links and the many others in the LinksList under the category Color.



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