Fashionbizinc is news to you!

Have you been to the website?  The organization, located in Los Angeles, offers educational seminars on apparel industry topics.  There are many things you can learn from their website and there is some online training if you cannot make it to LA.  You can register free to use the website.

Garment manufacturing hourly rates

Just three of the FAQs have this information on offer.

What is the FBI?
The Fashion Business Inc. is an educational nonprofit, which has in place programs and services to assist new apparel manufacturers and small minority owned businesses. 

What will the FBI do for me?
The FBI has developed specific seminars and classes to educate and explain the many aspects of the apparel industry. The FBI has resources and networking opportunities that introduce new and small business to consultants specific to their companies needs. 

How do I start my own company?
Starting your own company requires research and funds. Begin by understanding the industry. It is a very complicated and demanding industry with some amazing success stories that tempt people to enter it with their own designs. If you need basic information there should be some free help available in your area SBA, SBDC has programs to help new companies.  A useful place to start:, by Frances Harder, will explain the A to Z of starting your own apparel manufacturing company.

Frances Harder also has a blog associated with Fashionforprofit, so check that out, too.  It is also called Fashion for Profit and the web addy is

The fashionbizinc site also has a “Resource Partner Directory” that lists links to various businesses that interact with fashion designers, such as Fashion Market Center or Textiles, Trim and Suppliers.  And the Trend Watch section covers various topics such as Resolve to Renew, Reuse and Revitalize!

And one more great link to a site called jeansinfo about how jeans are made should be of interest to all of us.


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