Designers and manufacturers live by supply and demand

In a Just-Style interview with Janet Fox, Fox says, “Modern day sourcing demands that retailers control their inventory and supplier matrix, while keeping tabs on the growing list of manufacturing hot-spots.  Just-style news editor Joe Ayling discusses the challenge with JC Penney sourcing boss Janet Fox.”

“The days of bulk ordering your whole season, or 70% of the season, are really over at companies like JC Penney. We work closely with a very tight matrix of suppliers and partner with them on production planning all the way back to the raw materials and pre-positioning our materials so that you can react much quicker than in the past.”

Head over to Just Style and read more on this topic.  Learn more about how our economy is linked to others in the global marketplace in the Chinese currency issue.  Read about multi-sourcing and efficient countries of origin.  See information on effective reconstruction opportunity zones (ROZs).

Sites like Just-Style, where you can read industry leaders commenting on current topics and explaining the ways of the global fashion industry, are essential to your developing career.

Remember to check links on internet sites you visit.  The Janet Fox interview has a number of relevant links.

For example, a link to an ABC News story about JC Penney led to this needed information, “J.C. Penney Co. cut its profit outlook for the rest of the year, a sign of jitters that Americans, still stinging from the recession and worried about jobs, aren’t going to spend more any time soon.”

“The reduced outlook came Friday as Penney reported a second-quarter profit as it benefited from tight inventory controls and exclusive store-label brands. Shares fell 90 cents, or 4.7 percent, to close at $19.82 after hitting a 52-week low of $19.79 earlier in the session.”

Before you surf over to Just-Style, one tip.  A great place to start is the News and Insights button.  The free sections are plentiful.

To end, one last 2010 quote from Janet Fox, “It seems that while importers need to develop far-reaching supply chains, the mechanics of post-recession retailing are leaner than ever..”

“Striking this balance requires a very smart Fox”

Just-Style is also in the LinkList.


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