Start now to design your Recycle2Go fashion competition entry.

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Fashion students, it is time again to save your trash – your most beautiful trash.  One part of our mission in creating and producing this area wide fashion design competition is to awaken ourselves to the amount of trash we create.  

 We are not trying to make a circus out of trash – it is not the more the merrier.  Since we create the trash, we should develop the urge to create with the trash.  So get saving.  And remember to get your friends and family to save their beautiful trash, too.  

The photo and links in this post were generated by Zenmata, chosen by fashionnation1on1  



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4 responses to “Start now to design your Recycle2Go fashion competition entry.

  1. Excellent points. I really appreciate the method how you describe the information with regards to fashion. This is definitely of a huge help particularly those persons like me who’re presently looking for such things like that. Kudos!

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  2. time to recycle, i know this project will make possible. since waste materials is one of our primary problems. designer have a bright ideas to make trash to a beautiful creations.

  3. Thank you for including a link to our post… we love this competition. Send me details if you want us to post it in our blog.

    • fashionnation1on1

      Great and thanks. The competition will take place again in Spring 2011 near Earth Day so we will have flyers in a few months.

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