Have you made a draping instruction video lately?

Mimi Goodwin put videos on YouTube in 2008 that will show you some of the concepts… we can help you improve them so that you can achieve the perfection required by the apparel industry.  Mimi may not be pushing the perfection angle but, hey, she made about five instructional videos on draping and they are worth watching if you are just getting started with draping.

Fashion Draping Basic: Style Lines:Video 1 of 2

We need to make sure that our horizontal balance lines (front bust line)(front and back waist and hip)(back shoulder blade) are perfectly parallel to earth.

Fashion Draping Basic: Style Lines:Video 2 of 2

CAVEAT: Mimi does not correctly clarify the reason or value of horizontal balance lines as they affect the grain, hang, attractiveness, and fit.  The tape lines need to be perfected but she did get them in the right general locations (called landmarks)

Mimi also has three videos on the actual draping.  You can find them but we did not post them because her method is not the best.  However, her video received over 37,000 hits.

In our draping classes, you will learn how to drape to perfection.  Your work will be industry ready and you will have an amazing skill set.  You will understand grainline perfection in a way that Mimi will surely admire.

Do you think you can improve on Mimi’s videos?  Can you get tens of thousands of people to watch it?

We know that Mimi would not mind us correcting her dress form tape marking or draping techniques because she works to improve things herself.

In fact, her DIY: Duct Tape Dress Form video claims to do just that…improve the technique for making a dress form for yourself of yourself.  The video which directs you to her website to buy the complete instructional video has received more than 123,000 hits!

DIY: Duct Tape Dress Form (you cannot buy the instructions at the link shown on the video but Mimi has a blog and you can buy the instructions there.)

Mimi has a blog where she offers free pattern reviews and sells garment creation instructions.  And Mimi is currently blogging in 2010 about creating a new line of clothing.

At BurdaStyle’s blog, this is what is said about draping and Mimi Goodwin,

“’Drape’ can mean a lot of things when it comes to sewing – it can be a fancy covering for windows, or the way a fabric folds and falls, or it can describe a technique used to create new garments.

You’re probably familiar with pattern drafting, where the shapes of pattern pieces are drawn on large sheets of paper based on body measurements, but you may not be aware that there’s another approach to designing clothes called draping. I didn’t know much about draping myself until I watched a master draping demonstration at a V&A Museum event last year, and I was mesmerized. The draper started off with just a large sheet of muslin fabric and a dress form, and as he expertly folded and moved the fabric, cutting and pinning as he went along, a beautiful dress began to emerge. After the dress was perfectly pinned on the dress form the way he wanted, he then carefully took it off the form and used those muslin pieces as his pattern to recreate the design in fashion fabric.

While it would take years to learn the craft and skill demonstrated to us that evening, even beginning sewers can learn to drape a basic garment now with the tools available on the internet. Expert sewer Mimi Goodwin has posted a series of videos on Youtube showing How to Drape a Bodice that is clear enough to follow along at home.

In the end, it doesn’t matter how you create your pattern, whether it’s on paper with rulers and curves, or in muslin on a dressform, in the end you’ll still end up with a creation that’s totally yours, and then you can (of course!) upload your pattern for the rest of us to share!”

BurdaStyle website offers a wealth of information and fun.


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