Earnshaw’s offers so much.

Do you recall a previous blog post, “Did they tell you, you should grow up when you wanted to dream” — Metric where we discussed the great value of  Earnshaw’s who “with more than 94 years of experience, is the established voice of the (children’s retail apparel) industry.”

Well, it is time to catch up with Earnshaw’s again.  Their website is a haven for fashion retailers and producers.  The website is free and there is an abundance of information available there.

Earnshaw’s reports, “80s Princess is currently the biggest commercial trend in Tokyo for girls aged 9-14. WGSN takes a look at the key items and accessories for this trend.”

Earnshaws princess gallery

 WGSN Key Trends
~ Princess ra-ra skirts
~ Floral jumpsuits
~ Bows on everything
~ Louis Vuitton-inspired rabbit ears
~ Boater hats
~ Checks remain key
~ Cerise pink
~ Bleached denim in 80s silhouettes

If you are not particularly interested in the children’s market there is still a great value to studying the site.  There are Retail Profiles and articles on a specific topic, such as deliveries.  Imagine how a retailer lives or dies by the timeliness of inventory delivery.  On Earnshaw’s you can read such retailers’ comments as: “This modern boutique, which offers complimentary gift boxes and stroller assembly, can vouch that scheduled deliveries are still a continuous downfall in the retail industry.”  or “Tea Collection is one company that has made sure its products arrive in a timely fashion. Our relationship with them has been working out well as far as delivery. We place orders once every other week.” – Pacifier. Bananas for Kids says, “Manufacturers sometimes send partial orders and separate shipments.”  Can you imagine how difficult it would be to sell garments when the coordinating garments have not yet shipped?  Oh Baby states, “European lines with a 90- to 120-day [delivery] window make them almost impossible to work with.”

There was a featured article entitled  Gimmee More about the difficulty of staying on trend in “the tween market [which] revolves around blink-and-you’ve-missed-them fads.”  They go on to say, “While staying on top of trends takes a bit of work, the rewards are plentiful. To keep up with tween tastes, retailers channel their inner 12-year-olds, search teenybopper magazines and keep an eye on pop culture phenoms.”

You can also find resource information at Earnshaws.   Retailers links add to the mix with visuals of great inventory, like Le Top’s brother and sister options.

There is a link to Banana Kids page on Facebook which has great pictures of their store displays and inventory in their photo album.

Banana Kids


Green Tree musical dolls- little girls love 'em.

Or finally, Cutie Pa Tutus… making you rethink t-shirts and tulle.

Cutie Pa Tutus



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