It’s hard to know where to start… or where to stop.

Kate Spade handbags have made fashion news for years.  However, the stories from this season are all about the knock-off.  Unfortunately, the Kate Spade company is currently making fashionable purses “inspired” by Olympia Le-Tan who has an entire press dossier full of images of her designs featured in most major international fashion magazines last season.  Take a look at the dossier to see how much press can be obtained by one little bag that “wrote the book” on innovation.

Vanity Fair wrote about the Spade bags as if they were a “new” thing.  It is hard to imagine that they had not seen any of the fashion press on the Olympia Le-Tan bags.   A week later, asked, “Did Kate Spade steal bags?” And Counterfeit Chic posted “Judging a Book by Its Cover” and asked “Is Kate Spade clutching at Olympia Le-Tan‘s idea of creating handbags that look like vintage books?”

Of course, Kate is not to blame.  She sold her label some time ago to the Liz Claiborne company.  But when it comes to knock-offs, this is a big one!

Counterfeit Chic is a great place to learn more about this aspect of our industry.  In fact, there is a great FAQs section that focuses on questions about intellectual property, copies, knock-offs, counterfeits, and more.


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