What’s New?

If you are keeping up with apparel industry news, you might be interested in Just-Style and its associated blogs.

Some of the headlines from the last few days on Just-Style:

Makers assess Haiti quake damage
18th January 2010 12:49

“Industry executives told just-style that Haiti’s crucial apparel industry has seen production fall 50-70% in the wake of the earthquake, and that it will take at least three months for most of it to resume.”

It will not be business as usual for quite some time.

Ugg boots and Jimmy Choos?
15th January 2010 16:48

“In what must surely count among the more bizarre fashion pairings of recent times, comfy casual sheepskin boot maker Ugg Australia is teaming up with luxury shoe brand Jimmy Choo on a limited edition line.”

A bumpy road to recovery
5th January 2010 13:17

“With the festive season now out of the way, the focus is already shifting to Christmas trading, looking at how retailers performed over the period and also the prognosis for consumer confidence in the months ahead.”

Coach eyes China
21st January 2010 18:43

“The Chinese consumer loves Coach. She rates us highly on all of the attributes she values such as fashion, sophistication, quality, and value and as our awareness increases her future purchase intent is holding among those who have not yet purchased Coach.

“And among existing Coach China consumers, repurchase intent is surprisingly high at 94%, a higher level than we’ve experienced in the US or Japan.”


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  1. coniel phillips

    i work with a publishing company and we would really like to reproduce this photo (the photo of it will not be business as usual).

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