Au Revoir Lacroix!

To those who didn’t know, Lacroix will not be participating in Couture Fashion Week this year. It breaks my heart to know one of the most creative and detailed minds in fashion isn’t participating in something that only some of the greatest minds in the industry can be a part of. I’m not sure if this is going to be the end of the label,and it might be too soon to find out. Last I heard, there was a buyer attempting to revive the brand, and I’m sure there have to be cuts made, employees, facilities, and maybe even the couture branch! In an article, I read (the publication escapes me) that if the brand was to recieve backing, that they would have to focus more on the prêt-à-porter (Or ready to wear for those who don’t know the other term) and not so much on the large projects that don’t make as much money i.e couture.

Only time will tell, won’t it?

Here is a photo for those who need a Lacroix Refresher:

(Picture via

-Eddie Martinez


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  1. dafne villatoro

    trish I know this is horrible! I read about this litle 2 months ago. actually his last couture runway show was almoust not happening but people in the industry donate tons of things so he could finish the collection…I’ll talk about that in class.

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