More “wow the crowd” mentality

The apparel industry is complex. Perhaps this is one reason that apparel industry professionals are constantly reading and researching.  At El Paso Community College’s Fashion Technology program, we subscribe to WWD and California Apparel News.  We also receive (through a friend of the program) Apparel Magazine, Catalog, ROI, and Target Marketing.

To subscribe is silver; to read is golden.

Apparel Magazine October 2009 cover

Apparel Magazine October 2009 cover

Various EPCC fashion courses require minimal reading and synopsis writing as a means of introducing the trade press to our students.  However, the true fashion professional does not have to be urged to read these publications.

Learning is a life-long pursuit in any vocation.  In the apparel industry, wherein constant change is the rule, reading the trade press is just a first step toward staying on top of the game.

It takes constant updating to “wow the crowd“.

Surf on over to Apparel Mag’s website and you will find reports upon which you can base a class report, but more importantly upon which you can begin to base a career.

Apparel Magazine’s website offers a wealth of information (FREE) to apparel industry professionals and fashion students alike.  Across the top bar you will find links such as: Reports, Case Study, News, Executive Issues, Tech View, Web Events and more.  Each link leads to an amazing array of information – “definite knowledge acquired or supplied about something”.

The Web Events link is incredible.  You find the option to register for “live”, online seminars as well as links to all the On-Demand Web Events (recorded).  A true “student of fashion” is able to listen to these recorded events whenever it fits into his or her own schedule.

 Here are two examples but there are over twenty-five hours of industry level seminars already available online.  Because all of the Web Events are kept On-Demand, the number continues to grow.

One example:

September 29, 2009 | 60 min.
March 29, 2006 | 60 min.
Update: here is another wonderful video on demand – perfect for any fashion professional.
Closing the Gap–Assortment Planning to the Store Shelf

February 25, 2010 | 2 pm ET | Duration: 60 min.


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