“Being EcoChic Makes Everyone Green With Envy”

Ida Heather Biggs probably had it right when she wrote in the 1800s about the “Evils of Fashion”.  With all of the glory of fashion comes an inherent flaw…even the valuable must be brushed aside for the next big thing.

Laver says, “And this is the greatest of fashion’s many paradoxes: its objective — acceptance by the masses — carries with it its downfall.”

Already in August 2008, “Madison Avenue had warned marketers that consumers have reached ‘eco-fatigue’.”  We at Fashionnation1on1 think ecology should be wary of the fashion world…do we only protect our environment or eat organic food because fashion mavens tell us it is hip?  We hope not!!  We hope The Fashion Windows blog is more accurately predicting our future.

The FashionWindows blog states, “As Fern Mallis of IMG said, ‘Being fashionable and environmentally-friendly are no longer mutually exclusive.’ Eco-fashion is no longer a trend, as proven by ‘Mad Men’ eco-fatigue alert. Eco-fashion is now a new category; hence anticipate seeing more of it on the runway.”

“The EcoChic campaign brings eco-lifestyle mainstream by raising awareness of how making small, meaningful changes can have a positive impact on the environment. Being eco chic is not just about your wardrobe; it is also your state of mind.”


Keep it green!


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