Zuill Bailey – another El Paso treasure.

You may think this has nothing to do with fashion but we think that great music, like great art, inspires the fashionable soul.  Zuill Bailey performs on a 1693 Matteo Gofriller Cello.  Imagine, that instrument was made about three centuries before you were born, and yet its sound rings on today.  Click the link to hear some stunning cello music.

Bailey is internationally acclaimed.  In addition to his extensive touring engagements, Bailey is the Artistic Director of El Paso Pro Musica, Artistic Director designate of the Sitka Summer Music Festival and Series, (Alaska) and Professor of Cello at the University of Texas at El Paso.

Save some pennies and make it to one of his concerts and your whole life will change!!

Click on his website, Zuill Bailey – music will play!!

And if you have about four minutes more, check out this YouTube video of Zuill in a solo performance.  See the passion.  More than a few of us are waiting eagerly for the Pro-Musica season to start.

Zuill Bailey

Zuill Bailey

Zuill Bailey

Zuill Bailey


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