Zandra Rhodes – more IS more.

I love Zandra Rhodes.  Zandra is real, she is alive, and she is her own woman.  I loved her long before I ever met her.  To me, Zandra represents all that is artistic and hard working.  She is so down to earth… although her pink hair may fool you.  I want to put some links so you can catch the drift.

“The 1970s fashion diva Zandra Rhodes is back” from the New York Times ends with this line… and it is pure Zandra – and trust me, you WISH you knew her…

“Her nails, lacquered in a searing pink, were peeling at the edges.   ‘When I’m busy I find they get chipped,’ she said. ‘But I’m learning to move my hands quickly, so you won’t see.'”

From Amazon – Zandra Rhodes and the Art of Textiles: A Life Long Love Affair (Hardcover)

Zandra textile book

 You also must read The Art of Zandra Rhodes – if you are lucky enough to find a copy.  Our copy is signed by Zandra and the note encourages the students of El Paso Community College to make their dreams a reality.

Zandra art

And, of course, you will enjoy this 25 minute video of Zandra.

I will stop for now, but there is so much more available on Zandra, so I will treat you to some more tidbits in a future post.  Enjoy!!!


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