Using to load your with items…


Another quick set made on

Another quick set made on

We featured in our last post and we are certain that you are already enjoying that site.  Now we are suggesting a great place to find items to load onto your Polyvore page.  Net-A-Porter has all the latest fashion trends photographed and ready for your use.  This great site also has all the info attached to each item, so you can click on any item and learn who designed it and how much it costs.  You could even click to buy it if you have money because you are already making big bucks with your own fashion designs.

Go for it!!!  First open Net-A-Porter,, then click on “Clip to Polyvore” (which you must have already saved to your favorites bar.)  When the Polyvore clipper opens, just right click on any item of interest and save it on your Polyvore page.  Then use the images to quickly create a trend set or mood board.



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  1. Please take a look of the fashion site

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