Jose D Sáenz knows the way of the textile.

Jose D Sáenz, a graduate of the Fashion Technology program at El Paso Community College, is the most award-winning fashion student in the state of Texas.  Jose won the prestigious Paris Fashion Institute Scholarship when he was a Freshman in the EPCC Fashion program.

Along with his other work, Jose currently graces the fashion program with his expertise as a fashion labortory assistant (lucky students, huh!)

D Sáenz is well known in the fashion doll world.  His garment designs, which have graced the cover of Dolls Magazine and won an Industry Choice DOTY award, have long been favorites in the world of high fashion doll collecting.


This beauty was chosen by Ashton Drake Galleries to be made into Special Appearance Violet – which was created in all white, with over 12, 000 beads.  This prototype had many more beads than that!


A great detail shot of the hem…

This precious little blue number made Gene Marshall look lovely.


Here is a close-up on the dress.



And just for good measure, notice the beadwork on this lovely lovely.


Well, let’s get back to the human scale fashions by this wonderful designer.  Click on this URL to get you straight to Jose D Sáenz’ Bring It Downtown fashion segment.

#189 – #194

And #107 – #126

Now, who would not love to wear that black ball gown/wedding gown?



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2 responses to “Jose D Sáenz knows the way of the textile.

  1. wow, those are beautiful!! one of my friends from bunka fashion college is a designer for doll clothing, and they are so tiny so i know it’s so hard to work on them! add couture beading to that equation and it’s eye-popping! i’m so amazed.

  2. Kenna Ramirez

    I am very glad to see you continue to shine!.
    I am in Spain and enjoy your fashions, tell Trish I love her devotion to her students and hope to see you all when I am in El Paso next month.

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