Bring It Downtown Fashion Event

I have had a chance to speak with designers Vanessa Ramirez and Jose D Sáenz in the past two days and they both were pleased with the fashion show.

I found pictures of the fashion event at under Bring It Downtown, July 2009.  Vaboom is using smart business practices by using Shutterfly Pro Galleries.  Not only can we buy any of the pictures they upload but we can also get those pics on great items liked tiled mugs and mouse pads.

(NOTE TO SELF – Your Spiderman mouse pad may have to give way to one of the best shots of the fashion show!)

(ANOTHER Note to Self – [feel free to read] – Remember how happy Mother was when I gave her a mouse pad with her own fabulous artwork on it.)

Hey, this is fun, we can even get our favorite fashion show pics on a deck of cards!

As I tell you about the show, forgive me if I use the word OUR.  Since I have been teaching for so many years, I have noticed that I do feel a total connection to the work of my students and graduates.  I do not take credit for it, but I take it seriously and I enjoy it right down to my soul.

Most often the fashion shows are under our production, but this event was produced by Carlos Mendoza and he had a lot going for us — it was a great night.  It was heavenly for me to sit back and enjoy.

Our part of the fashion show starts on picture # 56 with chato – Adrian Correa’s artistcally fun line of Mayan inspired, silk screened t-shirts, fantastic graphic vests and bags, GREAT buttons, and a whole lot of ATTITUDE.

Like that was not enough, chato featured some fancy eyewear he “put together”.  It takes “four eyes” to a new level.  See if you can find this fab accessory as you graze the pictures.  (Hint: #72 and 73) If the photo does not make it clear, count ’em, four pairs of glasses!!! I can see clearly now!

Adrian, you did a fantastic job.  As an instructor, I want to add that you make my heart sing.  You take WHATEVER you are learning to the next level.  You didn’t just make a vest in Walter Davis’ Garment Construction class, you really learned to make the vest and design them perfectly for your line’s mood this season.  You didn’t just take Trish Winstead (that’s me) for Fashion Promotion, you took the class by storm.  You are taking advantage of it all — and I am sure that if you had a Computer Aided Design system at your fingertips, you would have been using that for your patterns.  Go, team!

Oh, dear reader, remember you can purchase any of the pictures you want through the site.   Their Shutterfly Pro Gallery offers a jewelry box with your chosen picture on it.    These would make great gifts for the models! 

I am put the URL in this post to get straight to the pictures of the Adrian Correa collection. 

#171 – 176.

and #56 – 96

I also added a link under Category: El Paso – Vaboom to get to their website.

You can check out for pictures of all kinds of events going on around town, town being El Paso, TX. 

I am going to put the other designers in their own post.  Check above to see some other incredible designs.  You will see that each of our students/graduates finds their OWN voice!!


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