its pandemic…

hello ya’ll

no i am not talking about the swine flu…(which by the way a very serious issue) but what i am talking about is the latest trend or should i say fad going on right now TWITTER!!! so this website is like a mini blog letting people know how u feel at any given moment of the day only thing its limited to 140 characters…but i love it!!! its like myspace without the drama (well some of it) and u can text in at any given moment no need to have internet service on ur phone woo-hoo!! so no extra charges on ur phone bill!!! so for all of those people out there that love to be in trend this is ur new phone accessory so lets be tweeps (twitter peeps haha i luv it!) and hit me up at and username is Sasa2005 (honey was already taken boo!!)

until the next one,

lots of love,



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