Research is good.

While social networking this morning, someone mentioned silk tulle……ah, how luxurious.

Off I went to search for a supplier of silk tulle.  Not so easy but I did find some fabulous sites and I have posted them in the Links.

Yet I wanted to post a link to one specific page to make a point about research.  If you are working to learn this industry, you can never read too much and you can never learn more than you need.  So remember to research away.  WE live in an amazing time.  So much is available, so fast.

Let’s imagine you are a fashion student who has not yet taken textile classes or you are a self-teaching student of fashion and have no great textile books available.  The web is full of information that you need.  Even has a decent dictionary of textiles.

But Fabrics Manufacturers is better. If you find any great sites, please share.

At you will find definitions, descriptions, history “Tulle was first made by machine in the year 1768”, characteristics, uses and more.

When on the Fabric Manufacturers website, look just above the info on Tulle and you will see links to check into all kinds of info on silk fabrics.  Each of these word links will get you to that type of fabric once you are on the FM site.  The words below do not act as links here on Fashionnation1on1, so head over to FM and click away.

A look to the left and you will see Wool… Latex, Batik… you get the drift.

Check it out and learn — and when you are ready to order fabric at wholesale, you will have strong ground under you.


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