Another season has come and gone

So Project Runway has come and gone and dare I say it….YAWN! this season lacked something could it be that since it’s the last season at Bravo the producers just didn’t give a dam anymore? This season was more of the drama between Kenley and the rest of the designers than the drama in the garments. Now who would’ve thought that( spoiler alert if u haven’t seen the finale!)  Leanne was gonna win the whole thing?! I for sure thought Korto or Kenley would win it. Yes Leanne’s collection was pretty amazing how she did all the so called “petals” by Michael Kors but it was just TOO MUCH OF IT!!! Every single one of her garments had that detail. And I mean that did get pretty boring. I love the fact that she stuck to the same color palette and looked like a real designers collection if u ever go and browse through Marc Jacobs collection it’s the same thing. But didn’t Kenley almost get eliminated like in the first couple of challenges…hmm…talk about taking criticism like a pro and turning into something amazing and winning the whole thing…unlike someone else KENLEY! Now Kenley’s collection was beautiful no doubt full of color and always kept you alert, but like in many other challenges she got defensive when the judges told  her that some of the garments shown looked like garments previously showed by other designers. Okay sweetie if you want to be in this business you gots to keep up with what ur competitors are putting out there, u don’t want to be the girl that has the great designs that remind you of someone else’s or make u think wait a minute ive seen this dress somewhere else.

Now moving on to Korto’s collection I mean it was absolutely fabulous I ❤ IT!!! It was full of color just like Kenley’s .  you could really see her heritage in every single costume and like Nina said the garments did not look like  a costume she did a good job. To me she was the winner of Project Runway but all in all im not the one making the decision right so that’s what I get 😀

Well I cant say that this season was my favorite like I said the producers dropped the ball on this one. They concentrated more on Kenley and her attitude and her whole drama show man is there any episode where that girl didn’t cry and say how hard she has had it all her life…uh hello ur not the only one sweetie!  But oh well lets see if this show really gets moved to Lifetime and hopefully the next season is better than this one.


Until the next one,

Ur Blogging Gurl,



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