need ur help guys!

so this semester i’m taking fashion collection design class and my God is that class a lot of work!! i hardly have time for anything else cuz if i spend all my time doing homework for this class i get behind in my other three classes so ive decided to let my hopefully faithful readers 😀 help me.

So for my project im suppose to create a collection from scratch even though im not a design major…im a merchandising major for those of ya’ll that dont know…..this class helps me understand what a designer has to go through before going to market and God bless their souls cuz its A LOT OF WORK!!! well anyway i was suppose to pick inspiration pictures and well from those pictures i chose the colors ill be using for my collection. I got that down now i need a name for my collection and the more and more i think about it i cannot come up with a unique name!! grr…so stressing so my four groups cuz we are only doing four groups thank God, are Spain, Greece, Venice, and Egypt and my type of customer is more of a young lady early 20’s to mid 30’s. She has her own business i havent decided what it is yet but she travels a lot, always attending parties and having lots of time for herself when she’s not in meetings kicking butt lol! Well my collection consists of nothing but day dresses to relax in, dresses presentable and professional for work, and cocktail dresses for events she would have to attend…pretty much my customer would be a kind of Paris Hilton type of girl only classy and with values hahahaha….With that in mind what do u guys think i should name my whole collection i have seriously gone completely blank i cannot come up with something original. Of course i thought of *Honey* but that name just doesnt go with the type of customer and designs in the collection….HELP!!! PLEASE!!!


until the next one…

Ur Blogging Gurl,



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