The World Wide Web

The time of the web is so fabulous. Everyone knows that www creates change.  I heard an NPR piece a year ago that talked about the beautiful chaos of the web. It is all there for us to grab and nab and sample and click, click, click to our hearts content.  Yet, our way of moving over the web is so unstructured that we can land any where any time… we may never even find our way back.  But the beauty and knowledge we find change us still.



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2 responses to “The World Wide Web

  1. Trish

    Kho d’mod

    I have also heard that there is a website where you can go and check who has been looking you up on Google. That should be interesting.

    Thanks so much for dropping by Fashionnation1on1. I will go to see your blog as soon as I get a few minutes to enjoy it… Trish

  2. I must agree on this, the web is an amazing Chaos that take you into all this different places as you surf the web. As technology advance with the pass of the years things get more while. I’d just check today Google is asking their users to help them organize and tag images by partners, so the search of images will be more effective and faster for all users.

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